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At Vexillina you are offered a large selection of binding options with great reasonable prices and good service.


A hardcover, hardback or hardbound is a book bound with rigid protective covers (leather or synthetic leather). At Vexillina we sew the books and do the job by hand, just like in the old days and not just glue them.  This is the most common option for University Thesis.

A softbound book uses the same techniques as hardbound but the book's cover is soft and flexible.


The most common binding among students and teachers.  Spiral binding is one of the cheapest ways in which to preserve a document, hand an assignment or simply to keep photocopied material.


Hot binding is most commonly used for business purposes.  It brings together a number of papers by means of hard glue.  Cover is made up of plastic that wraps around the bound documents.


An excellent service for the student.  Hassle free - professional book covering service.  Take care of your books, cover them!

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